Honey Offer To Apis Subscribers

Bermondsey Street Honey Stall

Each year, in the week before the Bermondsey Street Festival, we send out a preferential offer to subscribers to my Apis blog to reserve (up to a maximum of 5) jars of Bermondsey Street Honey for collection from our stall at the Festival.

Please e-mail your requests to dale@bermondseystreetbees.co.uk

We have decided to implement our first-ever price increase for Bermondsey Street Honey this year – from £12.50 to £15 for a 330g jar.

Increasingly, food professionals and the general public are recognising that there is a world of difference between local, artisan honey and the honey on supermarket shelves.

Just like fine wine or plonk, extra virgin olive oil or corn oil, awareness of the distinction between a rare, raw honey and a mass-produced, de-natured sugar syrup has grown.

We’d love you to buy our honey. But we also have a range of raw, artisanal English honeys on offer – Metro for urban honeys and Union for country honeys. We know all of the beekeepers who produce these differentiated honeys and they share our passion for raw, cold-filtered artisanal honey!

Bermondsey Street Honey Sign

We look forward to seeing you on our stall at the Festival from 11am-5pm on 17th September!

(We’re also scheduled to be on BBC1’s “Inside Out” at 7.30pm on Monday 12th September – giving you the chance to see us, before we see you at the Festival!)

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