Our New Rooftop Planting Guide

Our New Rooftop Planting Guide


Just in time for Spring, we’ve posted our new guide to Bee-Friendly Rooftop Planting. You can download it here. 

The guide’s been expertly researched and written for us by London-based garden designer Jane Finlay. Jane trained at Kew and was recently a finalist in the Society of Garden Design Student Award.  Massive thanks to Jane for her inspiring urban forage suggestions. You can find out more about her distinctive approach to garden design at janefinlay.london.

Getting It Right

Bailey Comb Change Demo For A Weak Colony
Demo Of Bailey Comb Change  For A Weak Colony – With David Clague and Alla Neal

I have a maxim, gained from my observation of the way the world works: “There may not be one single way to get it right. But there are lots of ways of getting it wrong.” It has served me well over the years.

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